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One day or day One?



Ladies wanted to review my new revamped, redesigned, upgraded supported 12 week journey!!


You pay only £198 (or equivalent currency) instead of £998!!!

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Have you been struggling with your weight and eating healthily?

Are you down and depressed with low self- confidence, poor body image and low self esteem?

Are food addictions, eating disorders, over-eating or binge eating causing havoc in your life?

Have you got an ongoing bad relationship with food?

Are you frustrated with those fad diets that always end in failure?

Are you ready for change, excited to move forward and committed to overcoming all the obstacles that stand between you, self-love, eating healthily and body freedom?

Are you feeling a warm, eager “yes” in the core of your being?

Then YOU are VIBING with ME!

If you have answered "yes" to any of these then book a no obligation chat to discuss where you can go from here

Make this your DAY ONE not ONE DAY!

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The War With Yourself Stops Here!


IMAGINE what it would feel like to be liberated from food hang-ups and external definitions of what you should look like and who you should be.


IMAGINE discovering that embarking on a healthier lifestyle can be a rewarding and positive experience.


IMAGINE understanding your own body and exploring what works best for you when it comes to self-care and holistic wellness.


IMAGINE defining your own relationship with your body based on an intuitive connection that allows you to focus on your own internal voice.

IMAGINE ridding yourself of all the anxieties and traumas associated with your relationship with food

IMAGINE reclaiming your confidence both physically and mentally


Why IMAGINE when it could be your REALITY ??

“The first step towards of getting somewhere

is deciding you are not going to stay where you are”

Live a liberated life and love your body on your own terms.


Walk away from negative thoughts and underlying issues keeping you in a toxic relationship with food

Ditch those fad diets that you KNOW don't work!

See and feel yourself radiating health and vitality as you release the body hate stories from your cells

Discover boundless energy and self-confidence

Release that deep soul trauma and anguish that keeps you trapped in a never ending cycle of mental and physical food abuse

Discover and overcome those issues in your subconscious which you aren't even aware of causing self-sabotage and failure

Build a loving connection with your body that empowers you to adopt a body positive healthy lifestyle that works for you and controls your weight.

Change your mindset and get rid of years of negative conditioning with the life tools you will learn.

Release the anguish, frustration and fear that's holding you back


Rewire your mind and recalibrate your body in a radical way to rid yourself of years of anxiety and adrenal fatigue.

Return to that deep place where you feel emotional resilience, self love and come home to your true self.

Feel healthy and vibrant and see the knock on effects this has on all aspects of your life.


I will be right alongside you as your listening, supporting, question asking, inspiring, encouraging, thought provoking, fire igniting partner in body and mind liberation!

You've got this and I've got you.

Why Work With Me?
  • I am a qualified Nutritionist and have owned my own health shop

  • I am a qualified Arvigo practitioner which focuses on the digestive system, emotional release and the strong relationship between the gut, depression and anxiety.

  • I am qualified in Anatomy and Physiology and have a vast knowledge of your body systems

  •  I am experienced in working with, and supporting, those with bad food relationships

  • I have a holistic view to healing and work with the mind and spirit in order to repair the body.


  • We will go deeply into your physical, emotional and spiritual history to work with you as a whole person and identify your negative blockages are and where they originated in order to repair them.


  • I can teach you the tools to completely reprogram your subconscious from years of conditioning, negativity and bad habits.


  • You will be in a safe, confidential place. I listen. You WILL be heard.

  • Your life will be transformed in small manageable stepping stones so that you will WANT to live healthily and EMBRACE the new you without feelings of deprivation, frustration or negativity.


To acquire the tools and knowledge which enable me to accompany and support you on this journey has entailed many years of study, time and financial investment and now I am willing and able to share these with you.

What Will You Receive?


We will be discovering, learning, healing and self-reflecting while covering TEN AMAZING modules, each containing life changing video tutorials, lessons, lifelong tools to use and supporting modalities and so much more to make your journey a success.


***You Will ALSO Receive***


  • 6 x Personal one-to-one coaching sessions


  • Free LIFETIME membership to a private Facebook group only for those on this course with more free lessons, unlimited support, live sessions, motivations, meditations, recipes, healing tools, affirmations, recommended practices and a lot more to keep you motivated and focused during your journey and after it has finished. This is amazing access to ongoing tool to support you and keep you motivated and on track throughout your entire life!


Choose a time that works for you for a heart to heart completely NO obligation, NO hard selling chat! 

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Tracey Wyatt

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