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Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food?  .  Do you dislike your body?

Do you criticise yourself and your appearance.  .  Do you think you are overweight?

Do you binge eat?  .  Are you feeling frustrated and stuck in the same rut?

Do you have digestive problems?  .  Are you struggling and feeling unhappy?

Are you pushing away uncomfortable feelings hoping they will go away?  

Are you lacking self-confidence and self-love? 

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If you are struggling to reach your full potential both physically and mentally then this is definitely for you.


Wherever you are in the world, I can help you. This includes all you men out there too who find it especially difficult to reach out for help because of the pressures society puts on you for expecting you to "man up" and cope. It is NOT a weakness to need support, it shows strength and courage. 

Your life is simply a reflection of your beliefs. What is your life trying to tell you? 

Pain can be thought of as a gift, it shows up when we have unfinished business inside of us. 

I will help you replace old thought patterns and beliefs with new ones to enable you to feel how you want to feel and live your life in a productive and positive way. My passion is to to support, empower and inspire you on an amazing journey to self love and the ability to love the body you are in. I will help you to love and respect your body for the amazing thing it is and help you to achieve the healthy body you want. Together we will change your relationship with food, reduce stress, improve immune system function and enable you to live a more happier fulfilling life.


Whether you want to lose weight, have a healthy relationship with food or just start loving the body you are in, these principles will help you get to where you want to be. I will support you in your journey and give you the opportunity to be HEARD and SUPPORTED. 

Your body is an amazing machine that serves you your entire life - and care for it we must to enable it to remain healthy and function properly. With over a trillion cells all working on different functions, we need to appreciate what a total marvel it really is. 

Together, we will uncover a radically new way of looking at food and its relationship with your body. I will show you how to forget all those useless fad diets for good, how to build a positive body image and inspire you to create a body you love by changing your mindset with education, nutrition and the self-love, body -love and compassion for yourself you will develop with me. 


Together, we will build a positive body image and help you to heal your relationship with food so that you can find and maintain a healthy weight for life!


If you are tired of failing with fad diets and empty promises, then you have come to the right place…...and where better place to start than your motivation.


Body-love, self-love and achieving a healthy weight is often a very emotional process and you first have to understand your emotional connection with food. You have to understand why you eat, why you over-eat or binge eat and the motivation behind it. This can be life changing. To understand yourself and stop unhealthy eating patterns you have to put your trust in the process. Only then can you really begin to love and respect your body for the finely tuned, amazingly perfect machine it is.


How many countless times do we eat when we are not hungry?  There is a vast difference between hunger and appetite. Hunger is when your body is telling you it NEEDS food. Appetite is psychological and can be triggered by many everyday things around us including marketing, advertising and emotions. 


Any unhealthy eating pattern often results from a reaction to our emotions which can be painful and difficult to confront. Emotions are stored in the gut and embed themselves into our very tissues. Unreleased emotions fester and even cause physical ailments.  Emotional eating becomes a habit and it causes us to eat when we are angry, frustrated, anxious, bored, lonely or stressed, but the truth is that eating doesn’t really do anything to comfort us emotionally. 

These emotions can be released. I will show you how and support you during the process.

Emotional eating becomes a habit and it causes us to eat when we are angry, frustrated, anxious, bored, lonely or stressed, but the truth is that eating doesn’t really do anything to comfort us emotionally. 


If you don’t like what you see, and you feel trapped in a body that doesn’t support you, you need to dig much deeper. In order for weight loss and body-love to be successful, you have to embrace and acknowledge all those different parts of yourself that make you who you are, mentally, physically and spiritually. Your mind is unbelievably powerful. Your mind creates your own personal reality every second of every day.


If you are constantly criticising yourself and thinking negative thoughts, the reality is you are training your brain to think that way and that is what will keep perpetuating in your life. We can change this!

Changing how you think and feel about food on a mental and emotional level can actually change the way you look and feel from the inside out. Body love and achieving the body you want is about changing perspective and reaching that decision that you’ve had enough! Of course you have!


Your mind controls your body. You can learn to take charge of your mind and body and make it work for you. When you learn to work in harmony with both and realise that your emotions and stress have a lot to do with unhealthy eating patterns, you will become unstoppable!

My qualifications in nutrition, healthy eating and detox, my qualifications in self-love body coaching and my Arvigo therapy qualifications will work on every aspect of mind and body health to bring you into a state of balance and alignment.

I will give you the tools to build and retain the motivation needed to move forward in living a healthier lifestyle. Discover enjoyable healthy eating habits which are easy to follow and can make a massive difference to your health. 


We will bring negative behaviours and habits to the forefront of your mind, identify limiting beliefs and help you to work to remove them and ingrain new, positive behaviours. 

We will look deeper into the power of self-hypnosis and what a powerful tool it is in body appreciation and leading a healthier lifestyle and how it aids relaxation and helps with specific issues that you may face. You will learn how Neuro-Liinguistic Programming can be used to better understand yourself and those around you and affect change in your life. 

As a qualified Arvigo therapist I know how important your digestive system is. There is a huge connection between digestive health and anxiety / depression. Organisms in the gut have been implicated in a range of conditions that affect mood, especially depression and anxiety. The good news is that bacteria doesn’t just make you feel low; the right ones can also improve your mood. Emotions are stored in the gut; we need to release them and I will show you how.  Nearly all our serotonin, the happy inducing chemical, is produced in the gut. Eating the right foods and making sure your digestive system is working optimally is extremely important. The gut is deservedly called the second brain and has more nerve endings than the spinal cord! And 90% of our immune system is in the gut. We NEED to keep our gut healthy! 

You CAN accomplish anything you set out to achieve because you have the ultimate control. The moment you embrace this truth is the moment you master your mind, body and spirit.


Let’s get this amazing journey started .... now! 

it will change your life!

Tracey Wyatt

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